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I have attached the comments from your keynote evaluations and I have never in my life read more powerful reflections from a 2 hour presentation. It's amazing! Maybe you should market yourself as being in the business of personal transformation and spiritual healers. Please share the evaluations with your colleagues with our most sincere appreciation. And if you ever need a strong reference for your work, send them my way.


Doug Soffer, Director Constituent Relations
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Outstanding! My compliments to whomever found this group!
Thank you for a beautiful performance! Your presentation illustrates the importance of the arts in life and in learning.

Outstanding! The best choice anyone could have made for this keynote spot. So stimulating! I really appreciated this as a professional, but especially on the personal level. You have opened my mind, but more important for me, you have supported all that I believe and now you've given me permission to pursue what I love

Fantastic!! This brought the inner self fact-to-face with the professional and public persona. In our profession, the emotions and the "heart" are often sacrificed for facts, statistics, content, etc. This gives us possibly a model for showing that these are not mutually exclusive and reside in each activity we undertake because these are part of who we are.
Very inspiring, thought provoking, wonderfully reassuring that we have many resources within us if only we step outside of that box! Step away from the norm. Be creative for the CHILDREN and show them how resilient they can be. IF ONLY WE DREAM AND BELIEVE IN OUR DREAM.
This session was unbelievable. Unique and inspiring! Thank you for taking the risk and contracting them. This is why I love this meeting each year. Thanks!
Great idea to have the Concert of Ideas! Inspiration and celebration all in one!
Excellent! Inspiring! As I think of making a career redirection, you have brought dreams back to my mind!! You rekindled my personal fire and passion. Thanks!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your name, Creative Leaps, is a perfect representation of your program! You touched my heart and inner thoughts AND you inspire!
Wow! Truly creative and inspirational! A nice break from the typical session.
Being a teacher is my heart's work. This presentation was powerful, entertaining, and food for my heart and soul.
Marvelous presentation! A wonderful message.
What a way to set minds on fire - thank you!
Absolutely awe inspiring - so relevant to leading and being fully human.
Tremendous creative combination of words and music that has led me out of my box in thinking about leadership, learning, and life. Thank you.
Inspiring! Dramatic!
How wonderful!
Music, the food of life, is a powerful tool not only in teaching and learning but strategic planning. The variety of interpretations of one presentation influenced people's perceptions and reflects the need for careful planning coupled with a certain level of spontaneity.
Boy! What a creative way to inspire, change, and encourage strong leadership. This was a much more effective approach - through music and drama. I was thoroughly engrossed with the concepts presented -ala Broadway style. It makes me wish I could sing my way through my presentations.
A wonderful way to connect issues of present concerns - leadership, vision, relationships - through creative play.
This keynote is the most novel activity to inspire educators and leaders to bring hope and willingness to share the best of us.
This was a tremendous lift to my soul. You have reminded me of the wondrous gift that life gives us all of us. Thank you. I liked the spiritual part also.
You have inspired my passion to bring the art of song, music, literature, and drama to our students so that what they learn and how deepens their understanding of our relationships with one another.
These were wonderful artists - it was a privilege to participate. How do we move from audience to active participants and leaders? Have the courage to risk failure and dismissal!
This presentation was brilliantly conceived and brilliantly executed. Kudos for thinking this would be good. It was!
Interesting! These multi-talented artists were impressive. Nice change: to use the arts to transmit content.
Nice change of pace. It provided space for reflection and a powerful different way of thinking (feeling) about change issues.
Building music into the program brought a dynamic force to the conference.
This keynote reaffirmed my strong beliefs and hopes with shared joy!
Leadership and organizational development is what I do, so I was comfortable with the theme from my own professional experience. However, the format and design of the presentation was very unique and the talent and passion in the troupe were outstanding. A wonderful experience - memorable and inspiring!
Whoever paid for this performance, it was worth it! This is an experience I will remember forever. Thank you ASCD for bringing this group to us and to the individuals who hold the vision to see the perfect application to us all.
Fabulous! So moving and engaging.

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