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Reports from
the Center for Excellence in Municipal Management

Participant Group De-Briefing Reports on The Concert of Ideas

"The artists were very different from each other. They were very free to be themselves - it was a great source of life and strength - it reminded me "to thine own self be true" - to follow my heart. The rewards of that are bountiful."
"We are a part of something BIG and we are also individuals with our own thoughts. It made me aware of this to use as a resource. The music made me aware of this - the snippets brought home how much we all interpret differently."
"I felt energized with the want to GO and DO something!"
"I became aware that I need to allow creativity in others. We as leaders should allow people to be themselves - we need that information!"
"We all felt a sense of harmony - linking together the known and the unknown. To me it was the very meaning of diversity."
"The music created the time and opportunity to LISTEN to others. Listening is so important and a great tool of our trade. We have tools like this inside us. We complain that we don't have the tools to do our job - But we really DO have more tools inside us and they are deeper resources that the computer, the fax and the photocopier."

"The musicians worked in harmony - we watched the respect they have for each other."

"It brought up the 'George Concept'! We didn't know who the leader was. Everyone was a leader while they performed and was supporting and assisting when they weren't performing. They were a 'whole'. No one person was 'the leader'. It is important when we go back to our jobs - to encourage each person. Each person at work is a leader."
"Their message was very subtle. They didn't hit us over the head - yet tied in with our presentation from earlier in the day about leadership."
"We may be stressed - too stressed - we need to be able to reflect on life more, to be able to step out of the box."
"The concert was like a mirror to us. We saw ourselves, our feelings, our thoughts and values - our selves - in the various music and the messages.... We became aware of what we transmit - that is what people take away with them from encounters with us. It made us see about integrating our lives into our interactions with our colleagues. Learn about them more as people and the system in which they operate - know who they are."
"It made me relaxed. We had a refreshing change. It gave me energy and I felt exhilarated. We try to revitalize the government in our own way. We would like to bring the artists' attitude - joy at what they do - into OUR work. It is inspiring - the harmonious respect that the artists showed - we too can bring that home - implement that in our daily lives."
"We relaxed our inhibitions and thought about new ways of doing things."
"It made me aware how important the emotional and physical environment is to a work performance. At work our physical environment is depressing and we have no uplifting stimulus. We NEED it!"
"The music brought back memories of practicing piano as a child - the curiosity I had and the goals I reached with that kind of focus. I would like to connect those things I had then - with my life NOW!"
"The music brought out different thoughts and history from everyone. I wanted to open up my own creative past again with my childhood memories of singing in church and my joy in making music together."
"We learned there is more than one way to do a task. Our imaginations took over when the music was played and we shared our imaginations (something I don't do). Someone else can implement our ideas when we share our imaginations - it is the human aspect of leadership. It brings out patience, compassion and indulgence."
"I experienced vast changes of emotions. The concept opened our minds and showed us the connection from point A to point B as a good leader. You get there by interaction - with our teams, giving time to digest concepts and ideas, allowing evolution and process. I'm know now we will learn to balance what we will really need."
"A good beginning to our year!"

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