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Creating highly integrated learning-thinking-collaborating environments

Concerts of Ideas

State-of-the-art facilitation techniques based on the work of Harrison Owen and Margaret Wheatley

Extension Workshops on perception, creativity and change, leadership, personal renewal and "peripheral" learning

The Concert of Ideas™ is music, poetry, theater, storytelling, virtuosic performance and imaginative dialogue across the footlights. It is Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man”, Bernstein’s Finale to CANDIDE, Broadway classics and original compositions performed live and weaving through ideas and stories from Einstein, Picasso, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Margaret Mead, James Baldwin, Richard Feynman, Langston Hughes and more -- all blended and sequenced to set the mind in motion and help participants access multiple creative connections, deeper personal insights and rich new solutions to the challenges at hand.

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State-of-the-art facilitation techniques based on the work of Harrison Owen and Margaret Wheatley -On the heels of the Concert of Ideas, participants will be bursting with the desire to connect with one another and share their impressions of this unique experience.  More importantly, their minds and passions will have been set in motion for inspired access to multiple creative connections, deeper personal insights and rich new solutions to the challenges at hand.  To facilitate these conversations and deeper inquiries, the Creative Leaps team leads any of several discussion formats, including Harrison Owen’s Open Space methodology and Meg Wheatley’s “Turning To One Another” small group conversations.

  • Open Space is an ideal sequel to the Concert of Ideas.  Well known for challenging participants to create in real time the most important agenda they can for immediate discussion and exploration, the Open Space ground rules promote genuine inquiry and constructive interaction of the participants.  Together, The Concert of Ideas and Open Space form an ideal pair, each optimizing the effectiveness of the other.  The Concert of Ideas primes participants' creative thinking and catalyzes their wholehearted participation.  The Open Space Technology, in turn, channels that enriched creative energy, engages the buy-in of the individual players, and puts both to work around the very issues of greatest import to them.
  • Meg Wheatley’s “Turning To One Another” – is another ideal partner to the process set in motion by the Concert of Ideas.   This methodology offers the maximum in flexibility for inserting brief discussion intervals throughout a keynote experience or throughout a conference day.  Equally effective in very large groups and small groups, the simplicity of “turning to one another” engages people informally and personally around key questions raised by special moments in the Concert of Ideas or other presentations.  Its in-the-moment style encourages people to be truthful and truly present with one another.  It is highly recommended. 


Extension Workshops on perception, creativity, change, leadership, personal renewal, diversity and stress management.  These hands-on instructional workshops, two to four hours in length, are facilitated by select members of the Creative Leaps team and bring participants into deeper contact with their specialty subjects.  They are interactive, experiential and inquiry based.  They are also enlivened by state of the art applications of the arts which bring the subject matter to life in surprising and engaging ways. Some titles include:

  • "Thinking, Perceiving and Integrity As Leadership Competencies"
  • "Learning What Can't Be Taught: Creativity, Leadership & Change"
  • “Of Color and Courage:  Diversity and Character as Human Resources”
  • "Creative Leaps: Thinking Across Boundaries"
  • "Inner Balance: Top Form: The Mind-Body Connection for Stress Management and Peak Performance"  

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