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Events and Updates

Global Leadership Seminar: Innovation at McGill University’s MBA Program

Setting the Pace for a New Century with Professor Nancy Adler

Launching the 2007-08 year at McGill's Desaultes Faculty of Management, Professor Nancy Adler, (recently celebrated for her achievements by the Academy of Management) brought in a team from Creative Leaps International to partner with her in the design and implementation of a Global Leadership Seminar for incoming MBA students from more than 20 countries. The design called for book presentations by MBA teams on Friedman's THE WORLD IS FLAT, Prahalad's THE FORTUNE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID plus works on developments in China and India along with a variety of innovative activities. Among them, Creative Leaps International provided a Concert of Ideas entitled THE MEASURE OF OUR HUMANNESS (based on one of Adler’s celebrated papers) and facilitated follow-up discussion circles. They also contributed two thematic workshops in a repeat schedule so all the MBAs could attend both: Leadership: Thinking, Perceiving and Judgment and Top Form: Risk, Focus, Flow. According to Professor Adler, this program was the first of its kind for MBA students and McGill was proud to take the lead in championing this innovative approach.

Igniting the Fire Within: Leadership and Creativity Conference 2007

Regis University, Denver, Colorado

Hosting its second annual leadership and creativity conference for leaders in business, community development, education and the arts, Regis University called upon Creative Leaps International to “Ignite the Fire Within” with an arts-based keynote and a battery of thematic workshops designed to open up the inquiry into creativity and leadership to more diverse and imaginative approaches. Joining Creative Leaps in its arts-based investigations and interdisciplinary seminars was the Colorado-based Institute of Flow. Following the conference, the Creative Leaps team mounted a special Concert of Ideas open to the public on the arts and mental health entitled SOMETHING BETWEEN A DREAM AND A MIRACLE. Despite a 2-hour power outage in the middle of the afternoon (conveniently between Creative Leaps sessions), the day proved a terrific success for all.

Oklahoma: The State of Creativity

Oklahoma City University Engages Faculty in Creativity Initiative

Funded by a gift from the Priddy Foundation, OCU faculty members have been engaged in an interdisciplinary effort to infuse the arts and creativity into the daily practices of teaching and learning. Guided by consultant John Cimino and his team from Creative Leaps International, selected faculty members known as Priddy Faculty Fellows enrolled in a ten month program to learn how the arts might be used in a strategic way to energize teaching and learning and to create greater connectivity among the disciplines and departments. The Faculty Fellows were charged with the creation of new courses in their specialties (law, political science, language and literature, computer science, marketing and music) each to be fired up with arts integrated approaches to their design and teaching practices. Cimino and his colleagues also lead workshops and seminars on knowledge integration and arts-based thinking and learning for the university’s deans council, the faculty academy, the school of education, the campus ministry, the university's outreach community, and several groups of students. The project was launched by the Creative Leaps team in January of ’07 and culminated this most recent November with a grand HARVEST OF IDEAS performance event involving nearly two dozen faculty, administrators, guest artists, community leaders and students.

AHRA and New York Quadricentennial to Partner with Creative Leaps

New York’s forthcoming 2009 Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration is being hailed as the State’s re-birth day. Statewide and community events will abound linked to a three-fold theme: Culture and Traditions, the Environment and a green approach Economic Development. Creative Leaps International will be guiding and contributing to a number of Quadricentennial initiatives, including a statewide Science and Arts Fair called “Bridging the Ingenuity Gap”. School-based teams of youngsters and college students will be challenged to create innovative entries aligned with sustainable approaches to technology and illuminated and thematically integrated with the arts. Corporate sponsors of the Quadricentennial and its national affiliate, the American Heritage River Alliance, will also be treated to special programs provided by Creative Leaps International coordinated with their own agendas for creativity, innovation, sustainability and leadership.


Creative Leaps International

Explore NY 400

A 501(c)(3) organization, AHRA was formed as an alliance of the 14 American Heritage Rivers designated in perpetuity by Executive Order on September 11, 1997. Managed by administrators termed Navigators, the rivers have a threefold mission—to protect and restore the environment, preserve historical and cultural heritage, and revitalize the economy among their communities—all through initiatives driven by local communities and funded by public/private partnerships. In addition to the high profile Quadricentennial Celebration of the Hudson River, projects of the AHRA include the rebuilding of New Orleans along the Lower Mississippi, and the nomination of six more American Heritage Rivers.

Corporations interested sponsorship opportunities may find this an unparalleled opportunity to extend their corporation’s brand. The 14 AHRA rivers span the country west to east from the Hudson to the Hanalei, and north to south from the Detroit to the Rio Grande. Half the American population lives along the American Heritage Rivers, their tributaries and watersheds. Inquires may be made via Vincent Tamagna, President, American Heritage Rivers Alliance and Hudson River Navigator. 845-265-7000.



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