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National Arts Organizations Merge Operations


 Arts and Business Council, Inc., Americans for the Arts Form Nation's Largest Advocacy Group


Americans for the Arts and Arts & Business Council Inc. have announced that the two organizations will merge operations, creating the largest-ever arts advocacy group in the nation. The merging of the two organizations creates potential for a significant increase in philanthropy, outreach, advocacy and appreciation for the arts nationwide.


Americans for the Arts, with offices in New York and Washington, D.C., has led national public-sector arts advocacy efforts for many years. Its mission is to foster environments in which the arts can thrive and contribute to more livable communities, to generate public- and private-sector resources for the arts, and to build individual appreciation for the value of the arts.


Arts & Business Council Inc. (NY), the oldest arts and business partnership organization in the world, is devoted to stimulating partnerships between the arts and business that enhance both sectors and the communities they serve. Its programs include Business Volunteers for the Arts, the Arts Marketing Project, and the recently-announced Creativity Connection, which utilizes the strengths of the arts for business leadership and organizational management training.


It is also hoped that the merger will allow both parties to increase their efforts to secure arts funding from the private sector, stimulating increased support from individuals, corporations and foundations. “This merger is a great step forward for the arts in America,” stated Robert L. Lynch, president and CEO of Americans for the Arts. “Our two organizations have shared interests and great strengths, and we will be more effective together than we could ever be separately.”


Since the 1990’s, philanthropic support of the non-profit arts has declined by nearly one-third; both organizations recognize this and other challenges facing the arts today. “The arts in America need enhanced and consolidated advocacy,” stated Gary P. Steuer, President and CEO, Arts & Business Council Inc. “I am very pleased that our two organizations could agree to move forward in unison.”


Americans for the Arts will continue its operations in Washington and New York. Arts & Business Council Inc.’s national operation will become known as the Arts & Business Council of Americans for the Arts; the Council will maintain all of its local chapters and program partners.

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