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Creative Leaps at 6th Global Leadership Forum, Istanbul


Creative Leaps International President and CEO, John Cimino, will collaborate with keynote speaker Harriet Fulbright at the international forum.

Leaders and executive education professionals from around the globe will be gathering in Istanbul this June to address the education and development of global leaders worldwide. Creative Leaps International President and CEO, John Cimino, will be among a panel of presenters from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Cimino will deliver a paper on arts-based executive development entitled “Engaging the Mind Process of the Arts as a Catalyst for Transformative Thinking in Leadership, Knowledge Integration and Compassionate Cross-Cultural Relationships.” His presentation will also include live performance, for Cimino is also a world-renowned opera singer and his integration of the fine arts into executive development training is the foundation of his company's work.  

The presentation will integrate insights from his work with research/practitioner colleagues at Creative Leaps International, the Center for Creative Leadership, and Learning Lab Denmark.  The panel, organized by the Center for Creative Leadership (Greensboro, NC), will be working within the forum to look for best practices and unique approaches to insure the development of global leaders today in preparation for tomorrow.  Cimino will also collaborate with conference keynoter Harriet Fulbright by combining musical and artistic performance with her keynote address to resonate and further project her message.   

Look for a full report on the Global Leadership Forum in the next issue of NEW HARMONIES.

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