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"Unless The Mind Catch Fire..."
A Concert of Ideas

Exploring and Celebrating Leadership, Vision and Transformative Learning

The first of its kind -- a dynamic concert performance designed to set the mind in motion, catalyze creative thinking and help participants re-connect with the ideals and ideas they value most. Performed by award winning musical and consulting artists from Creative Leaps International, this Concert of Ideas imaginatively re-frames some of the great questions of personal leadership while encouraging the heart and mind to openness, renewal and experimentation. Participants are royally entertained – joyfully and with extraordinary artistry. Simultaneously, they are invited to think deeply, to entertain new perspectives and, ultimately, to enter into thoughtful dialogue with one another.

Leadership, vision, transformative learning, personal values, global thinking, communities of practice, communities of hope – these are among the themes explored and celebrated in “Unless the Mind Catch Fire…”. This unique performance is “art as catalyst”, art as a bridge to new thinking, and a challenge to our perceptions and sense of what is possible. Einstein said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” “Unless The Mind Catch Fire...” offers its participants an opportunity to shift levels, to re-discover some of their premises and deeply held tacit knowledge and, most important, to re-kindle the fires of their own imaginations.

Hailed by participants as…

“Fantastic!!” “This session was unbelievable. Unique and inspiring!”
“Outstanding! The best choice anyone could have made for this keynote.”
“Absolutely awe inspiring – so relevant to leading and being fully human.”
“This was a tremendous gift to my soul!” “What a way to set the mind on fire!”
“I am swept away!! Reaching the core of my being seemingly for the first time.
What an awakening for me.”
“ Brilliantly conceived and brilliantly executed!”

Creative Leaps International has performed Concerts of Ideas as the centerpiece of dozens international conferences, symposia and Fortune 500 corporate retreats. Its artists are winners of more than 60 national and international prizes for excellence in performance and can be heard on the stages of many of the world’s great concert halls and theaters.

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