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"The Creative Spirit"
A Concert of Ideas

An exploration and celebration of creativity, spirituality and leadership

This newest Concert of Ideas developed by Creative Leaps International brings together three of the great interior themes of the new millennium: leadership, creativity and spirituality.

In the tradition of the company's preceding Concerts of Ideas, "The Creative Spirit" engages the imaginations, intellects, hearts and souls of its audiences challenging them to think deeply, to entertain new perspectives and re-connect with their passions, beliefs and values.

As a Concert of Ideas, "The Creative Spirit" is, indeed, a concert performance -- and one of extraordinary caliber and vitality. Participants are royally entertained. Simultaneously, they are invited joyfully, playfully -- and largely by surprise -- to serious reflection, to inquiry, recollection and, ultimately, into dialogue with one another. This is art as catalyst, as bridge to spirit, as challenge to our perceptions, conceptions and sense of what is humanly possible.

This particular Concert of Ideas brings the realms of art and creativity into close juxtaposition with our spiritual energies, aspirations, disciplines and sensitivities. It re-frames challengingly the millennial questions of personal leadership, global community and individuality.

Premiered at the renowned Center for Creative Leadership in North Carolina as centerpiece of its 2000 Spirit & Leadership Conference, "The Creative Spirit" has since been expanded and re-premiered at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Millennial Festival of Religion and the Arts where it received four extended standing ovations from the Institute's diverse community.

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