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Harvest of Learnings
A Culminating Concert of Ideas

actor & writer, Krista Apple
Synthesis, celebration and closure. Continuing questions and aspirations – as your conference draws to a close, the Creative Leaps team will join with your conference participants in distilling and exp ressing the key insights and outcomes of your conference.

Drawing from its vast performance repertoire, the Creative Leaps team will create a “Harvest of Learnings”, a program developed based on the key ideas and learnings elicited from your event – in full partnership with volunteer participants from your conference.

Here’s how it works.

One or more volunteers are recruited from each of your learning groups. These volunteers meet with the Creative Leaps team in a highly efficient planning session designed to elicit each person’s learning themes and insights. Participants know from the outset that their ideas will shape everything that happens in the Harvest of Learnings. The sense of partnership with Creative Leaps is exhilarating, empowering and highly productive. Within an hour’s time each participant has contributed ideas both in writing and via discussion which the Creative Leaps team will then integrate into the Harvest performance.

In a second one hour session -- later that day or the next morning -- participants are called back for final preparations with the Creative Leaps team. This time, they learn exactly how their ideas have been translated into the medium of the Harvest of Learnings and precisely what their participatory roles will be. Most participants will partner with individual members of the Creative Leaps team by reading or reciting their own words as narrators or introducers to performance pieces designed to bring their particular ideas to life. That partnership is one on one and very meaningful. Other participants will be drawn into any of a dozen creative and performing roles matched to their comfort levels and enthusiasms.

actor & writer, Krista Apple

The end result?

A celebration of personal creativity and achievement. Music, poetry, song, humor, spontaneity and the element of surprise – these are the ingredients merged with the honest insights, learnings and enthusiasms of your participants. It is an unforgettable experience which anchors learning, creates powerful memories and sends people home with a sense of triumph.

No conference should be without
a Harvest of Learnings.

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