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The Concert of Ideas

The Concert of Ideas is music, poetry, theater, storytelling, virtuosic performance and imaginative dialogue across the footlights.   It is Broadway classics, original compositions and American masterpieces performed live and weaving through ideas and stories from Einstein, Picasso, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Margaret Mead, James Baldwin, Richard Feynman, Langston Hughes and more -- all blended and sequenced to set the mind in motion and help participants access multiple creative connections, deeper personal insights and rich new solutions to the challenges at hand.

In our world, the arts are no longer some parallel experience
you have along the way, but rather a powerful source of insight and transformation
feeding directly into the thinking, feeling and acting of daily life
-- full of possibility, truth and optimism.©

Our world-class performers are true “cultural creatives”, i.e., cutting-edge consulting and teaching artists who use the arts as a bridge to new thinking and a bold challenge to our sense of what is possible. Participants are royally entertained by their extraordinary artistry. Simultaneously, they are invited to think deeply, to entertain new perspectives and, ultimately, to enter into thoughtful dialogue with one another.

Every Concert of Ideas is tailored to the thematic focus of a client event: leadership and creativity, innovation and problem-solving, character and integrity, the interrelation of the arts and sciences, the challenges of teaching and learning. Equally important, every performance is a celebration, wonderfully serious and great fun. Audiences from around the world rave about the entertaining quality of the Concert of Ideas and the ability of the Creative Leaps performers to challenge them to think.

"Fantastic!!" "This session was unbelievable. Unique and inspiring!"

"Outstanding! The best choice anyone could have made for this keynote."

"Absolutely awe inspiring - so relevant to leading and being fully human."

"This was a tremendous gift to my soul!" "What a way to set the mind on fire!"

"I am swept away!! Reaching the core of my being seemingly for the first time.  What an awakening for me."

"Brilliantly conceived and brilliantly executed!"

Why does it work?

Our Concerts of Ideas are based on more than 30 years of research and development of arts-based methodologies for inspiring and enhancing academic and professional performance. Additionally, our world class performers are also world class communicators, experts in connecting authentically with people from all walks of life. Thirdly, our Concerts of Ideas are based on classic repertoire of wide appeal and an original design principle known as “creative juxtaposition” which our research has shown predisposes the mind to creative connections, playful exploration and personal synthesis.

Creative Leaps International has performed its Concerts of Ideas as the centerpiece of dozens international conferences, symposia and Fortune 500 corporate training events. Our artists are winners of more than 60 national and international prizes for excellence in performance and can be heard on the stages of many of the world's great concert halls and theaters. We are also networked as creative partners with premiere organizations and research institutions around the globe concerned with leadership, professional development, trends in innovation, and advances in teaching, learning and organizational development.

Concerts of Ideas
(titles of recent programs each custom-created for our clients)

“Unless The Mind Catch Fire…”
A Concert of Ideas
Exploring and Celebrating Leadership, Vision & Transformative Learning

“Every Force Evolves A Form”
A Concert of Ideas
Exploring and Celebrating Creativity, Innovation and Change

“The Leader’s Challenge”
A Concert of Ideas
Exploring and Celebrating Servant Leadership & the Five Ways of Being

“Moments of Being, Lifetimes of Meaning”
A Concert of Ideas
Exploring and Celebrating Identity and Belonging in Community

“Imagination and the ‘Adjacent Possible’”
A Concert of Ideas
Exploring and Celebrating Scientific Creativity and Invention

“The Creative Spirit”
A Concert of Ideas
Exploring and Celebrating Creativity, Spirituality and Leadership

“The Architects Dream”
A Concert of Ideas
Exploring and Celebrating the Marriage of Art and Science


In our world, music is never just music.
It is revolutionary.
It is the sound of ideas.

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