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How We Work With You

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We begin with you and your goals and design customized programs for your conferences.      

flutist & poet, Donna Wissinger

Our first task is listening and learning from you.  Who are your people?   What is your vision?  What is your story a s a company?  What challenges and opportunities confront you?  What inspires and motivates your leaders and workers?  What is your sense of the future? 

You can count on us to be good listeners and to ask lots of questions.  That’s because our design process for the programs we’ll create for you takes its direction, inspiration and rightness of fit from the best insights we can gain into who you are and who you want to become.   

We perform an original Concert of Ideas to energize your participants and spark new thinking.

The Concert of Ideas™ is a state-of-the-art keynote resource designed to ignite thinking around key thematic issues such as vision, perception, insight, dedication to mission, leadership, creativity, dealing with boundaries and obstacles, the search for solutions, personal initiative, personal relationships, and anchoring values such as integrity, courage, compassion and community.  It is an extraordinary resource for catalyzing change and propelling the conference process forward.  Each Concert of Ideas is customized to reflect the client's identity, aspirations and agenda -- at the same time resonating with powerful and uplifting human universals.    

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Learning Groups and Extension Workshops deepen and personalize individual learning.

percussionist, Richard Albagli

On the heels of the Concert of Ideas, your people will be bursting with the desire to connect with one another and share their impressions of this unique event.  More importantly, their minds and passions will have been set in motion for inspired access to multiple creative connections, deeper personal insights and rich new solutions to the challenges at handTo facilitate these conversations and deeper inquiries, the Creative Leaps team will lead any of several discussion formats, including Harrison Owen’s Open Space methodology and Meg Wheatley’s “Turning To One Another” small group conversations.

The Creative Leaps team also offers a variety of Extension Workshops on subjects including leadership, creativity, stress management, change, diversity and peak performance training.

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We create and perform a culminating Harvest of Learnings in partnership with your participants.

Synthesis, celebration and closure.  Continuing questions and aspirations.  As your conference draws to a close, the Creative Leaps team will join with your conference participants in distilling and expressing the key insights and outcomes of your conference.

Drawing from its vast performance repertoire, the Creative Leaps team will create a Harvest of Learnings, a program developed based on the key ideas and learnings elicited from your event – in full partnership with volunteer participants from your conference.

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We work with you to assess outcomes and chart next steps.

Every learning experience is a step along the way to deeper understanding, greater competence and personal change.  Discerning outcomes and measuring success are essential tasks for charting next steps.  Because some learnings, even potentially life-changing ones, are inherently difficult to measure, assessment processes must be selected with care to capture what may be in motion or subtle transition.  Professional practice protocols developed and implemented in collaboration with in-house cultural change agents represent one methodology that is highly recommended.

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