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soprano, Dianne Legro

We are learning specialists, performing artists, scientists and renewal partners working in the corporate and educational arenas. Our clients are leading Fortune 500 companies, centers for leadership and professional development (including the Center for Creative Leadership), research institutions, Federal agencies, colleges and universities, and centers for teacher training and renewal. Major corporations including General Electric, IBM and Fannie Mae as well as top government agencies from the White House to the Social Security Administration have recruited Creative Leaps International for keynote presentations and professional learning initiatives aimed at catalyzing executive thinking, renewal and change.

pianist, Jon Klibonoff

Our uniqueness lies in our strategic and creative use of the performing arts within highly integrated learning environments. Our conference activities are often aimed at jump-starting and fanning the fires of creativity, leadership and scientific research. Our opening events and keynote presentations are called Concerts of Ideas. These unique programs have launched scores of professional conferences, symposia, retreats, training initiatives and corporate meetings coast to coast. In essence, Concerts of Ideas may be described as a fusion of lively performing arts with imaginative, cross-disciplinary stimulation for the intellect - as well as the heart and soul. They are a powerful catalyst for change.

Participants are royally entertained and are simultaneously challenged to entertain new perspectives and re-connect with their deepest values. Our style is always celebratory, exploratory, immensely serious and great fun. As a consequence, motivation is lifted right up and the stage is set for success. The effect has been dubbed "learning by surprise". Our work always feels like a change of pace and often that's just what the doctor ordered - for digesting new ideas, re-energizing for creative problem-solving, alternating left brain/right brain learning modalities, etc.

We weave our programmatic ingredients strategically into the fabric of multiple-day conferences to strengthen overall design and enrich the learning stream. We keep our finger on the conference participant's pulse and provide experiences to catalyze the next steps in their learning-thinking-collaborating processes. In addition to keynote Concerts of Ideas, other events take the form of workshops, seminars, and experiential sessions such as: "Leading Creative Responses to Change", "Creative Leaps: Thinking Across Boundaries", and "Inner Balance: Stress Management and Peak Performance”. Our areas of specialty include: dimensions of creativity, flexing perceptual processes, interdisciplinary thinking, leadership and change, diversity within learning communities, stress management, wellness and peak performance.

we have been inspiring audiences since the 1980s!

Every event is custom-designed. Each project we undertake begins with an in-depth assessment of the client’s goals and desired outcomes. (Click here to read more about how we work with you). We’ve been hard at work for twelve years now, engaging audiences across the country and around the globe in the daring processes of creativity, leadership and renewal. We invite you to look at our client list, and to read more about the arts-business relationship in our online articles and news updates. We look forward to working with you…and planning your next Creative Leap!

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